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This article is describing John Kerry's religion where John F. Kerry, the first Roman Catholic presidential nominee as a "believing and practicing Catholic".

John Kerry Religion:

Forty-four years earlier, the Democrats had nominated a Catholic senator for President - John. F. Kennedy. Many decades later, yet another Catholic senator is in the running for the most powerful political post. John Kerry was raised in the Catholic faith and continues to be an active member of the Catholic Church. By voting against a bill that makes harming a fetus a separate offense, Kerry has sided with abortion-rights advocates in opposing specific legal rights for the unborn. Kerry supports abortion and has voted against restrictions on partial birth control many a time. He also holds a pro-homosexual set of policy positions. There has been some confusion over his stance regarding same-sex 'marriage'. He has voted against the Defense of Marriage Act and supports civil unions for homosexual couples.

Kerry says that his religion was instilled in him since childhood and he wore a rosary when he went to battle in Vietnam. But he argues that his religious beliefs would not influence his actions as an elected representative. But there have already been instances when his religion and politics seem to clash. In February, he was asked by St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke to absent himself from Communion. The Catholic authorities seem to be getting increasingly frustrated with Catholic politicians who are violating the Church's moral teachings in the course of their political lives. Of late, he has been incorporating religious content and biblical content into campaign speeches. Kerry draws a parallel with John .F. Kennedy who said, 'I will be a president who happens to be Catholic, not a Catholic president.'"

Faced with many 'Cafeteria Catholics' who pick and choose church teachings, the Vatican is increasingly frustrated with politicians who run for office as Catholics but violate most teachings at every turn. Whether Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry will attend Church for the holy week is becoming a major political issue. Boston Archbishop Sean O'Malley has asked all Catholic elected officials who hold a pro-abortion stand to refrain from receiving communion and taking part in the sacrament on their own.

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John Kerry Religion
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