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Lists the benefits of the prepaid cellular phone and the advantages of a refurbished one. Guides you on how to choose a best cellular service provider.

The cellular phone has created a revolution in the field of communication. Cell phones are no longer the exclusive privilege of high-profile celebrities. They have gained acceptance among the common man. They perform the important function of connecting people in various places. The services provided by the cell phone companies are enormous and it is for the customer to decide the best cell phone plan. If the customers are genuinely interested in cheap cellular phones, they have to opt for refurbished phones. Most of the used cell phones are in a good condition and they provide desirable features.

Cellular Phone

Cellular phone helps a person to have contact with anyone in the world. They are consumer electronic devices. The cell phone is considered to be the sophisticated form of a radio. The cellular system divides the city into small cells that permits the frequent reuse of the cellular facilities by many people. The cell site consists of a radio receiver and a base station controller that manages, receives and sends traffic from the mobiles in its' geographical area to the cellular telephone switch. They are compact and they can be carried in pockets. The cell phone manufacturers have been trying their best to reduce the cost of the cell phones in order to achieve a greater market penetration. The major disadvantage of the cell phone is that it makes the internet access more complicated.

The cellular phones provide the following benefits to the customers. They help in:

  • Storing contact information
  • Maintaining task lists
  • Keeping track of various appointments
  • Making use of the calculator in the cell phone
  • E-Mail facilities
  • Getting stock quotes and the latest news
  • Playing games

Best Cellular Phone

The customers have to judge their best cellular phones as each customer has a different requirement. Some customers attach importance to the basic features whereas the other customers give priority to the other features. Some need cell phones for E-mail, surfing and faxing.

Prepaid Cellular Phone

Customers have shown a remarkable interest in the prepaid cellular phones. Here, the customers do not incur monthly bills or pay a monthly service fees. Purchasing the prepaid cell phone is a simple process. These phones may be purchased without credit cards, deposits and other obligations. The customer does not have to activate and register before using the prepaid phone. This is advantageous to the receivers as they could make use of the prepaid cellular phone if they get tired of the monthly cell phones. The prepaid cell phones do not require the disclosure of the customer's real identity. Prepaid cellular phones offer the best solution to people with a bad credit. But, the main disadvantage of the prepaid phones are that the long-distance calls are more expensive.

Refurbished Cellular Phone

The cellular phones are often recycled and turned into refurbished cell phones. The refurbished cellular phones are usually sold in a good condition and they also have great features and provide good services. The refurbished cell phone is less expensive than the new cell phones. But, it is remarked that many refurbishing phones are sold in the third world countries with no recycling facilities. The refurbished phones are also sold in the emerging markets. Some people do argue that the used or refurbished cellular phones have a life span of few years. The used cell phones are affordable and some used cell phones may include options like digital or mobile cellular phones. Many companies provide used cell phones with great features.

Free Cellular Phone

Many companies have been offering free cellular phones online in order to coax their customers to buy more of their cell phones. These free cell phones are delivered to the customers' door. These free cell phones are delivered with the confidence that the purchaser would become a permanent customer of the company. Free phones are offered by many big companies and the customers have to compare the features of the various companies before going for the purchase. It is very easy to order a free cell phone online as the customers just have to fill their personal information. The customers have to satisfy the company with the credit card or details about their job security in order to get qualified for the free cellular phone.

Cellular Phone Service

The various advertisements in print and television promise the best cell phone service. There are many cell phone service carriers and the customers should have an idea on the following factors before selecting the service provider:

  • Carriers in their area
  • Strengths and weaknesses of analog and digital services
  • Area covered by the plans
  • Number of minutes

The customers have to first evaluate the cell phone service carriers in their area. The customers can go through the websites of the carriers or visit them directly in order to learn more about their services. The customers have to look for sales and special promotions before opting for a cellular phone service. The customers could also sign up for cellular phone services at retail stores, electronic stores and online resellers as they have different promotions on phones and plans. Some cell phone service providers offer anti-virus software to prevent virus attacks. Some cellular phone services provide for unlimited international calling.

Analog and digital cell phone services have a wide coverage. Some service providers offer both of these options. The dual mode phone makes it possible for the customers to avail themselves of both of these services. But, the frequency band and the access standards are said to limit the choice of phones.

It should be remembered that compatible phone and a perfect account is needed to obtain a cell phone in another country. The GSM type digital cell phone services provide a wide coverage. Dual and triple band phones enable the customers to use a single phone locally and internationally. Triple band services work well with the GSM phones.

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