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Computer Engineer

The computer industry is so volatile, that when some prediction is made about it, a new trend crops up that changes the dynamics of the industry. This is one field that has no particular direction, which is one of the reasons why it is still lucrative. Computer engineering (sometimes reffered as 'Electronic & Computer Engineering') is a subject that combines elements of both electrical engineering & computer science. Computer engineers are electrical engineers who have training in the areas of both software design and hardware-software integration. Computer engineers are involved in all aspects of computing like design of individual microprocessors to the integration of computer systems. On one side, computer engineers, both software and hardware, earn handsomely, and on the other, HR people complain about the dearth of qualified applicants. This trend forces salary increases and a new trend called ‘churning’. Churning is what happens when employees jump between competitors. The number of job openings in major companies is astounding. A recent study done by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) claims there is a shortfall of about 190,000 unfilled positions in the computer industry. About 68% of IT companies say that a shortage of qualified employees hampers their growth. There are many new openings that one may not have heard of, say, 10 years ago. Almost every business has some stake in information technology, and new hardware products are becoming faster and cheaper. This creates more openings. Experts also speculate that certification or formal licensing would become mandatory in the next decade. System assurance, the convergence of computing and telecommunications, and the Internet would be the major industry boosters in the coming years. Despite the negative trends in the industry, employers are still looking for people with the necessary skills and a commitment to continuing career development. Communication skills and ongoing education is essential to survive and thrive in the IT industry. Learning new skills, certifications, and having a broad perspective about the industry as a whole would be an asset to one whose career focus in the IT industry.

Check out the following profile for a Software Design Engineer for a leading company in the IT industry:

Job Responsibilities:

Looking for an experienced software engineer to help us develop the next versions of Product X. These products offer an opportunity to work on a broad range of technologies, from kernel-level development to reinventing our user interface, and everything in between. As part of the team, you will have a chance to help us tackle many challenging and interesting issues, including virtual disk management; writing optimized virtual device drivers, better integration with future releases, and much more. We want creative, enthusiastic engineers who have broad interests, can learn quickly, and who aren't afraid to jump into new or unfamiliar territory to help ship the products.

Essential Qualifications:

Candidates should have a BS in computer science (or equivalent), as well as 2-3 years of experience in developing and shipping complex software products. Relevant development experience in one or more of the following areas is a plus: device drivers, device emulation, x86 systems programming, server management, or security and access control. Good communication and collaboration skills are essential as well. Take advantage of this great opportunity to become part of an exciting and dynamic team working on cutting edge virtualization technology.

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