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Electronics Engineer Job

Electronics Engineering - It is a combined study of design and testing of electronic circuits that use the elctronic properties of components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors etc., to achieve a particular functionality. Electronics engineers have their pick of jobs in almost any industry they choose. This is because technology has to be disseminated into new applications, and the job market is not necessarily focused on practical engineering. Electronics engineers could be consultants, market planners or company developers. The companies employing these engineers range from small start-up electro-medical diagnosis firms to entertainment and Internet giants. The United States has an innovative environment where ideas are translated to products in an incredibly short span of time. Emerging technologies are focused on fundamentally changing the way we live. MEMs (miniaturized electro-mechanical systems), integration of consumer electronics with communications and computers are the basis of innovation. Electronic products are projected to become smaller, more reliable and less expensive over the years. It is important for engineers to understand the companies, their product lines and their place in the industry as a whole before plunging into the accelerating market. The high-tech industry includes manufacturing, consumer electronics, communications equipment, electronic components and accessories, semiconductors, industrial electronics, optoelectronics, defense electronics and electro-medical equipment. In this industry, opportunities with established firms and start-ups are appealing as a long term prospective.

Check out the following profile for a Research Engineer – Signal Processing for a leading company in the electronics industry:

Job Responsibilities:
  • Design, development, implementation and verification of signal processing methods toward innovative prototypes for new sensor product lines.
  • A strong understanding of methods for theoretical verification while balancing the need to carry novel ideas into prototypes for products.
  • A basic understanding of the principles of sensing and measurement techniques is required.
  • Should possess the ability to leverage external resources through strong contacts with universities and the international research and development community.
  • Must demonstrate willingness to cooperate with external R&D partners.
  • Must demonstrate willingness and an ability to travel to customer sites (international travel and / or assignments).

Job Requirements:

Specialized knowledge and advanced skills required include signal processing, modeling, and systems thinking. Experience with embedded firmware and programming with C/C++ and Matlab are essential, as well as strong programming skills in general. Excellent communication, presentation, and team skills are required.

Educational Background:

Master’s or PhD degree in Electrical / Electronics Engineering

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