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This article focuses on three of the hottest engineering disciplines and their future outlook for automotive engineering jobs.

Engineering Job

Engineering - Can be defined as the application of the science to the needs of humanity in the fields of commerce or industry. Technology has a substantial impact on our everyday lives. Technology affects efficiency and profitability of businesses. And technology can be intimidating. Defense, transportation, computing, telecommunications, biotechnology, nanotechnolgy, consumer electronics – all these fields and many more thrive on the best engineering minds. The economic recession has led businesses to focus on selecting technologies that support fundamental business initiatives. This all-pervading nature of technology demands a skilled and highly educated workforce. Engineers in demand have knowledge, the ability to interpret, compare and contrast facts, use the information to solve problems, recognize patterns, create new ideas, and give life to those ideas. Doing things in a more efficient and cost-effective way is the engineer’s forte. This article focuses on three of the hottest engineering disciplines and their future outlook.

Automotive Engineer Jobs

The Midwest is the heart of the automotive industry in the United States. The Southeast and Mexico are getting more automotive design centers because of tax incentives, more affordable land and slightly lower labor costs. Because of these benefits they are generating a lot of automotive engineer jobs. So those seeking a career in the auto industry must be prepared to move – nationally and internationally, as it is one of the most global industries. For securing a automotive engineer job a master’s degree is required if one wants to go beyond ordinary technical stuff like drafting. A PhD is essential, especially for jobs in research and development, though openings are few and far between. A management degree would be an added asset, depending on the individual’s career goals. Essential soft skills in the industry are communication skills. A short-term course in technical communications would be an added advantage. The ability to work in a team is a must. The big three in the auto industry – Ford, Daimler-Chrysler and General Motors – all have programs specifically designed to groom the best and the brightest employees.

Major Engineering Desciplines in Auto Industry

The auto industry has always relied a great deal on three major engineering disciplines – mechanical, electrical / electronic and manufacturing – in varying order, depending on current trends. Electrical engineering is one of the highest growth areas in the industry, because it plays a major role in differentiating the vehicles from different companies. Further, electronic safety is the focus of a lot of current development projects. Foremost trends include fuel-cell efficiency, diesel fuel, alternative fuels, hybrid engines, continuously variable transmission, variable compression and variable valve timing. Considering the stumbling economy, automotive companies are not cutting salaries to the extent of other employers, and companies are in the process of ongoing development of new products to distinguish their brands. This is good news for engineers in the auto industry.

Check out the following profile for an MFG - Electrical Engineer for a leading company in the automotive industry:

Job Responsibilities (not limited to the following):
  • Sustain/increase process robot uptime and productivity
  • Examine/control facility equipment budgets
  • Facilitate capital projects to improve OEE/Quality
  • New model process equipment change engineer
  • Implement cost/quality/uptime improvements as Work Group Facilitator
  • Support all FPS/FTPM/ME requirements
  • Supervise/train equipment service members
  • Monitor/control spare parts/tooling
Job Requirements:
  • Experience in body robotics preferred
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong troubleshooting skills
  • Machine tool background with machine controls knowledge a plus

Educational Background:

Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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