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Handball Game
A team sport where two teams of seven players each pass and bounce a ball trying to throw it in the goal of the opposing team.

The handball history vouches that the handball games always bounce back whenever they are down. The handball games have captured the imagination of the people all over the world. Team handball is a combination of soccer, basketball and ice hockey and is as popular as all these games. Handball tournaments have been held all over the world with the patronage of the International handball federation. The United states handball association has made handball equipments accessible to the players. It has also given tips about the handball rules. The rules are simple and are being widely followed in the handball tournaments throughout the world.

Handball History

The handball originated in the 11th century. The history of handball also states that this sport was developed in Ireland before being popularized in North America. Handball was played outdoors and it had a prominent place in the Irish legends. The ball was made of cloth wrapped in leather. The British soldiers and police along with the Irish players ensured the survival of the game. The handball history points out that handball was a one-wall game though the three-wall and the four-wall versions also existed. The Irish immigrants were responsible for developing the game in the U.S. The ball developed in the U.S was softer than the ball used in Ireland. The handballs are made from rubber or synthetic material. The handball has a hollow center which would enable it to bounce faster. The one-wall courts, which were forgotten, came into vogue again in the American bathing beaches. They were emulated by the athletic courts.

World war II saw a decline in the handball sports. But, the sport managed to sustain its' glory when U.S. held its' first handball national championship in the year 1959. The history of handball points out that the team handball is similar to soccer. But, the difference is that soccer is played with legs whereas hands are used in the team handball. The handball is advanced by batting or throwing and not by kicking.

Handball Game

Handball is a game in which the ball is struck against the wall with the hand or the fist. The handball games can be played in a single wall as well as in a three or four-walled court. The single wall handball court has sides with lines drawn on court. The sides will be the walls of the court in a three-walled handball. The ball should be served from the service line in the court. The game of handball is played by two players in the case of singles and four players in the case of doubles. The aim of the game is to make the ball rebound off the wall so as to make it difficult for the opponent to return the ball.

The handball game starts with a serve. Serve has become an important aspect of the game. If the service technique is good, it would be difficult for the opponent to return the ball. 'Roller' is an exciting technique where the ball hits the intersection of the wall and the ground. Here, the handball rolls on the ground earning an additional point to the server. Court handball necessitates the use of the hand. The game has 21 points and the player who manages to get 21 points is declared the winner.

Team Handball

Team Handball improves the physical fitness of the players. It is challenging and minimum equipments are required for it. The team handball is played with a 32 panel leather ball. There are 7 players on each team. The guidelines of team handball state that it is foul to have possession of the ball without throwing or trying to attack. The use of torso is allowed to obstruct the ball but the use of outstretched legs or arms is not permitted. The player is not permitted to dive on the floor to hit the ball.

Handball Tip

Handball tips have been provided by experts over a period of time. The handball experts feel that the players should try to capitalize on their specific skills. It is necessary to set goals for the future and seek efficient training partners. Unique handball swing bring fame to the players. It is the duty of the referee to make decisions regarding the handball rules.

Handball Rule

The handball rule states that if the player makes a delay in starting the game, his opponent will be awarded more points. The judgment regarding the rule should be protested before the next serve. A match would be forfeited if the players do not comply with the handball rules.

Handball Equipment - Handball Court - Handball Tournament

The handball equipment should be user-friendly in order to attract more people towards it. The experts in the handball tournament concentrate on developing a large, soft ball. The big, blue ball is popular in outdoor tournaments as well as school gymnasiums. The Olympic handball tournaments require the players to possess at least two sets of clothing. The players' numbers should be prominently displayed and it should be 20 cm high on their back and 10 cm high on their chest.

United States Handball Association

The first US handball association was brought about in 1951. The aim of the United states hand ball association is to organize the game and promote it successfully. It has a membership of over 8,500 and its' national office is located in Arizona. This handball association is a non-profit corporation operating with the sole purpose of promoting the game. This association has the responsibility of sanctioning hundred tournaments per year. The U.S. Handball association also assists and supports men, women as well as juniors in the development of their game. It also administers the regional and the state level competitions held every year. The United states association for handball promotes it as a game that helps in developing the brain as well as the body.

The members get discounts off their entry fees in all the tournaments sponsored by this association. The United states handball association also publishes a handball magazine which provides interesting details about the game. The magazine publishes tournament dates and guidelines from the best handball players. It also elaborates on the major handball events. The U.S. handball association also conducts many youth programs and sponsors players from the age group of 9 to 90.

International Handball Federation

The International handball federation came into existence in July 11,1946. Denmark and Sweden were the initiators of this association. The International amateur handball federation, which came about in 1928, was the precursor of the IHF. This federation gained its' popularity in the Berlin Olympic games. Now, the federation for international handball is said to have a membership of 19 million men and women.

The International handball federation has also planned to allocate more funds to the developing and under-developed countries as they do not have the facilities to develop handball. Records show that many members have profited from the development aid given to them by the federation. The IHF announces the financial conditions before organizing a competition. The dates and the location shall be left for a public draw which shall be supervised by a IHF representative. It is also necessary to display the flags of the International handball federation, the member federation and the participants in the world championships. The website for the international handball federation provides the latest information on the Olympic handball games.

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