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The GPS system is a satellite-based radio navigation system. A GPS unit is a GPS Tracking Component used to determine the receiver's approximate position. The GPS receiver is an electronic device that can compute its own position.

GPS System

GPS systems and GPS Tracking Components provides two levels of service:

· Standard Positioning Service (SPS)
· Precise Positioning Service (PPS)

GPS system time is given by one of its GPS tracking components, the Composite Clock (CC) and is referenced to the Master Clock (MC) at the USNO (United States Naval Observatory). This is then guided to UTC (USNO), from which the GPS navigation system time will not deviate by more than a microsecond. The practical applications of GPS tracking components like the GPS systems or the GPS hardware are varied. GPS equipment can be used to get directions or even find nutrient-rich soil for farmers.

GPS Unit

A GPS unit is a GPS tracking component that can determine the user's approximate location anywhere on the earth. The coordinates for GPS units are normally given in terms of latitude and longitude.

A GPS unit, GPS tracking components used for Geocaching must have the following features at the minimum:

· The ability to store waypoints
· Long battery life
· Must be waterproof
· At least a 12-channel parallel receiver system

GPS Receiver

A GPS receiver is a GPS hardware device that receives positional data from satellites and computes its own position based on the distance it is located from the satellites. Each satellite sends a precise date and time that the GPS receivers receives. The speed of transmission is fixed almost at the speed of light, the GPS receivers can calculate rather accurately how far away each satellite is. The GPS navigation device performs some calculations to determine its location relative to a known location that is also a part of the information contained within the data sent by the satellites to GPS tracking components. GPS receivers by default convert this position into latitude and longitude. Any device that can attach to a serial port, such as a PC, laptop, or PDA can attach to a GPS receiver and read the positional data.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is a core application of the GPS technology. It is a navigational system that can determine the receiver's location on or above the surface of the earth. GPS tracking has also found its applications in tracking children and Alzheimer's patients. Data gathered through GPS tracking can be stored in a computer. Advocates of privacy say that an ideal system would not constantly record a person's activity. The system could also be programmed to record suspicious activities and remove unremarkable ones. Some governments are also using GPS tracking technology to track and locate emergency calls. Some feel that the technology costs more than it is really worth.

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