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A new hairstyle make you to look different, before choosing your hairstyle take professional advice so that you find one that suits your face, hair texture and life style.

New Hairstyle

Ever wondered what you'd look like as a brunette? Or with a short layered hairstyle? You can visit a virtual salon and browse through a gallery of new hairstyle options. Here it is possible for you to try styles on your own face and hair texture and type. You can even change the hair color with the hairstyle editor. This virtual salon helps you get a clear idea of what you would get in terms of a new hairstyle.

Selection of a new hairstyle is dependent on the natural face shape as well as the hair texture. A classic heart shaped face can take on a new hairstyle that has soft tendrils falling on the sides and front of the face. A round face would benefit from a new hairstyle that would have a slimming effect of side bangs. There is many a factor to take into consideration before venturing in for a new hairstyle. Body proportions, climate and the lifestyle – all these factors influence the kind of new hairstyle you must go in for.

Keep in mind your lifestyle while deciding on the new hairstyle. Avoid going in for a radically new hairstyle that would involve a lot of time and energy to keep it in perfect order. Do not go in for a new hairstyle just before a major event. Plan it a week or so in advance so that you can feel comfortable with it.

Many a woman would like to get rid of hair boredom or blues by resorting to a new hairstyle. Some would even look at a new hairstyle to signify a major change in their lives. A prospective bride would grow out her locks for the big day or a down-in-the-dumps newly divorced person would look for a new hairstyle that would lift her spirits. Here are a few tips for a new hairstyle without any drastic changes:

  • Modify the existing hairstyle to look like a new hairstyle, like razoring or spiking the bangs or playing with their texture.
  • Create a zig zag part to give it a new look.
  • Add highlights to the hair around your face to achieve a new hairstyle look.
  • Add layers to the existing length of the hair and Voila! You have a new hairstyle in place.
  • Usage of mousse or rollers can add volume that can alter the hairstyle making it appear like a new hairstyle.
  • Different styling tools like a small round brush or a paddle brush can get the hair flowing in a different movement making for a new hairstyle
  • Crimping or any braiding tool can provide you with a quick-fix new hairstyle

Layered Hairstyle

Layered hairstyles are popular. They work best on straight hair. Very coarse and curly hair doesn’t lend itself easily to layers. Hair layers can be accentuated with highlights to flatter your face shape. A constant woe of people with long hair is the lack of new hairstyle alternatives that are simple and quick. In fact, long hair lends itself easily to new hairstyle patterns. Long layers are a rage with many.

Hair Stenciling

A new hairstyle trend that is gaining in popularity is hair stenciling. Hair stenciling helps in creating and applying temporary designs, hair paint or glitter to your hair. When creatively applied, this can result in a new hairstyle for a special occasion. You can create your own unique new hairstyle by selecting your own range of designs, jewels and glitters.

Create a stencil with a flat cardboard or plastic. Shampoo the hair with conditioner to make the new hairstyle more appealing. Dry your hair straight or curly, though stencils show best on straight hair. Take help in placing the stencil pattern on your hair. Use sprays or chemical colors but take care to keep your face turned away. Add jewels or glitter or shimmer to give the new hairstyle the added glamour if the occasion so demands.

A new hairstyle can offer you a diverse range of styling options. Don’t blindly imitate current hair fads without understanding its requirements and aftercare. It’s your hair and you can choose a new hairstyle that suits your fancy.

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New Hairstyle
New Hairstyle
Layered Hairstyle
Layered Hairstyle