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Home Office Decorating - Wall Decoration

Home Office Decorating
Whether you are working full-time out of your home or occasional personal use, you will probably spend quite a few hours in your home office. Here are some helpful ideas to help make this area a more enjoyable and productive space.

Office decorating has moved from being just ‘grey’ to being warm, inviting and personal. Office goers around the world are concentrating their efforts adding colors at the workplace to unwind from the hectic pace of work. Creating a cozy atmosphere in the workplace is essential especially if you are going to spend most part of your day inside. When your working space is infused with your personality and things, it will inspire you to be your best. Bright, happy colors on the wall, a dried flower arrangement, special photographs, a pretty display of pictures or a candle fragrance that you enjoy are ingredients of good office decoration.

A well-decorated office will improve your mental wellbeing and general health. When you make your office more desirable, even the late nights you spend at the office working up the feverish pace to meet the deadlines won’t seem very dreary after all.
Here are some ways to decorate your workspace to give it a warm, personal touch.

The Reception
The Reception
Office Decor
Office decorating

The Reception

It is the reception or the foyer that makes the first impact on the visitor. Especially if the business of the company calls for continuous interaction with guests who need to be suitably impressed, it is important that the reception area be well decorated. You could decorate the walls with paintings. When buying art, make a sophisticated and distinguished choice without being too flamboyant. The walls can also display the company's product or operations with visuals or models. Plants are a great way to brighten up the reception area, making it homier. Even simple cacti, which may not be very colorful, can add a stylish touch to the room. If you have decided on plants or flowers, get nice vases to complement the foliage.

Office decorating

When you want your office decorating to project a certain corporate image, in line with the image of your company as a whole, your office should reflect a certain level of professionalism. Add lighting to your office with a stylish desk or a standing lamp. If you have a hardwood floor, a rug might do justice to the decorating. Hang your favorite art pieces on your wall space. You might also want to display some sculptures and tasteful art pieces. An aquarium of tropical fish is a great addition to your office, and can even help break the ice when you have guests or clients. Pictures of important career-related events, can serve as a public relations tool.

Decorate your workspace according to your personal interests, like car models or a coin collection. If you love golf, place your trophies on a shelf. You can also have games in your office, if they help you concentrate when you suffer from creative blocks, or need to relieve stress. A simple dartboard can help you come up with brilliant ideas.

The key here is moderation. If you practice the discipline not to go over board, you will be able to achieve balance and harmony in the decorating. Design becomes refined when it is done in moderation. Another factor that needs attention is space. Optimizing the space available is crucial. Keep a shelf to stock all your books. Shelves, file cabinets and storage racks have to be in harmony with the rest of your furniture. Make sure you find a desk that provides optimum space and ultimate comfort and that your chair is comfortable and ergonomically suited to your body. If your office space allows for it, then a small couch is a nice touch to an office. It serves when you have unexpected guests or want to take a 20-minute power nap.

Home Office Decorating
Home Office Decorating
Wall Decoration
Wall Decoration

Decorating your home office

When you are decorating your home office, it is imperative that you maintain that perfect blend of professional and personal needs. It is your office after all and you want it to look like a place of full concentration, especially when clients pay you a visit. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself while you're there, by mixing business with pleasure. When you blend the two concepts together, the room will be unique and interesting as well as functional for your business needs.

To make it a pleasant home office, you use your creativity to design it to stimulate and invigorate your imagination. Brighten your space with posters and pictures. Family photos and kids art, mementos and keepsakes enliven the office. Use the computer's CD-ROM drive and multimedia kit, to play some background music while you work. If you have a clear view of the outdoors, it adds variety and visual stimulation. If the home office were kept organized and neat, it would not detract from the enjoyment of the rest of the space.

Wall Decoration

The decoration of the walls in the office is really important, as usually office accoutrements and furniture are cold and sophisticated. Hang inspiring artwork to bring up images and inspiration and stir your imagination. Use color tones that are warm and soft. When you relax from work and stare at an artwork it increases your ability to work better and with greater enthusiasm.

Wall decoration can be personalized to feature large-scale wall art of your company's products or possessions. Public spaces, boardrooms or private offices can be enhanced by the use of wall decor depicting your company’s achievements.

Walls can be treated and decorated differently if it is your home office. You could have an embossed wallpaper panel, a mural design or display a sports collection or 3D art.

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