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Internet Accelerators Increase Your Web Surfing Speed. Internet accelerators have been designed to speed up the process of downloading images and media over a dialup connection.

Internet Speed Accelerator

An Internet speed accelerator can speed up browsing. An Internet accelerator is a program that increases the efficiency of the existing Internet connection, thus increasing browsing speed. The Internet speed accelerator works by increasing the amount of data the connection can send, or makes the most of the connection time. Though an Internet accelerator increases browsing speed, it cannot increase actual transmission rate that determines the speed of the Internet connection.

Internet speed accelerator software is available both commercially and as freeware on the Internet. Internet accelerator software could be configuration programs, pre-fetcher programs, data modifiers and other connection boosting programs.

Configuration programs

· Increase the efficiency of the existing connection
· Adjust operating system and connection settings to optimize the amount of data

Configuration programs adjust the following settings:

Windows system settings

· Help windows determine the best way to connect to the ISP
· Optimizing the size of the TCP/IP packet and adjusting data compression

Network system settings

· Settings that help the network determine the best packet sizes and internet connection settings
· More complex to tune than stand alone systems

Hardware settings

· Simple hardware settings like the COM port's speed may affect the data transfer rate

Pre-fetcher programs

· Makes use of idle time to download frequently visited sites and sites that link to the current page
· Thus makes most of the connection time once connected


· Downloads and stores favorite sites every time you log on
· Learns browsing habits of the user and downloads accordingly

Pre-fetchers are most useful if you:
· Tend to visit the same sites often
· Browse the web following the same pattern

Data modifiers

· Does not change existing connection but changes data using compression utilities and data filters

· Compression utilities allow an ISP to compress graphics before they are sent to you.

· Filters attempt to eliminate items like graphics, cookies, ads, pop-up windows, music, animation and JavaScript

Other programs

· Include system monitors and programs that increase speed-specific types of downloads and provide useful links

Connection monitors

· Monitors your ISP connection or network and provide detailed reports on all aspects of your communications, including problems and bottlenecks.
· Alert you to the need for optimization either on your system or at your ISP.

Feature boosters

· Works like a pre-fetcher to find and store specific aspects of a web site. For example, find and store Java applets, linked binary files etc.

Link pages

· These sites provide links to commonly used features like search engines etc.


Internet accelerator software makes changes to sensitive areas of the system as described below:

Windows registry

· It is advisable to take a back up of the registry before installing and using Internet accelerator software.

Connection-specific configuration

· If the user has multiple ways of accessing the Internet, such as more than one Internet Service Provider, the configuration changes may help all of the connections, but only one is truly optimized.

Operating system and browser version compliance

· Sometimes the Internet accelerator software is designed to work with specific operating systems or browsers only.


· Configuration programs adjust the system settings. Don't reconfigure the settings unless you change some aspect of your connection, like your Internet Service Provider.

Internet Speed / Internet Speed Test / Internet Connection Speed

One way to check your connectivity is to use a software program, that is an internet speed monitor. The internet speed monitor program monitors online access in real-time. Another way is to use an internet speed test website. The internet speed test website lets you download a predetermined file from their site and the internet speed test web site clocks the internet speed of the download. Such tests help to determine the quality of transfer throughput so essential for downloading massive amounts of data.

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