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Consumer Marine Electronics - Marine Electronics Wholesale

Consumer marine electronics equipment can broadly be classified into 4 categories based on communication, safety, navigation and entertainment.

Marine electronics

Those who spend time at sea on account of work or leisure understand the importance of installing equipments onboard. Even the smallest boat should have basic equipments for protection that can make all the difference during an emergency. Consumer marine electronics equipment can broadly be classified into 4 categories based on communication, safety, navigation and entertainment. Manufacturers of wholesale marine electronics equipment take care to see that they are tested for use in the marine environment. Used or refurbished equipment can be bought at discount marine electronics prices.

Major consumer marine electronics systems used for Communication

Features such as remote controls and Digital Selective Calling have enhanced the reliability and performance of Very High Frequency (VHF) radios that can be mounted or handheld. Single Side Band (SSB) makes it possible to access e-mails without a satellite dish and provides coverage beyond the VHF limit. Phone systems with landline, satellite and cell phone systems, paging and fax features, Internet and e-mail are some of the facilities of consumer marine electronics that can be used for effective communication. Cellular antennas and boosters, TV and satellite antennas of quality contribute to the efficacy of the system.

Marine electronics equipment used to ensure Safety

Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB), fume detectors and alarm systems are some of the important consumer marine electronics equipment that ensures safety. Installation of closed-circuit television systems, multi-camera systems, infrared and thermal imaging cameras can help in monitoring equipments onboard as well as entrances to vessels.

Standard Navigation tools from retail and wholesale marine electronics dealers

Due to the importance given to security, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) are becoming an integral part of the Global Positioning System (GPS) of every vessel. Radar, plotters, sonar and fishfinders are some of the consumer marine electronics equipment used for navigation. Radar plays an important role in helping to avoid collision. Electronic plotters give a clear picture of the position of the vessel and help in route planning. Sonar displays information on what is below the surface of water in the area surrounding the vessel. Fishfinders reveal a wealth of information on the objects, composition and structures found underwater. Some also give information on surface water temperature, speed, pressure and location.

Entertainment systems at discount marine electronics prices

Speakers, stereos and accessories, TVs, VCRs, DVDs and video systems are some of the consumer marine electronics equipment that provides wholesome entertainment, when sailing for business or pleasure.

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