Types Of Music: Rock Music, Metal Music, Rap Music

Rock music is a form of popular music with a prominent vocal melody accompanied by guitar, drums, and bass. Many styles of rock music also use keyboard instruments such as organ, piano, Millerton, and synthesizers.

Types of Music

Music is food for the soul – a panacea for the mind. Music can help in improving memory. Kids can rattle off the entire alphabet range in song but are unable to remember the orders sans the tune. This happens because music functions are controlled in a different section of the brain than speech. Music continues to touch hearts the world over, irrespective of color and race.

Rock Music

Rock music saw its origins in the rock ‘n’ roll era of the fifties. Rock music was initially seen as dance music and gradually began to dominate the music scene for a long time to come. Rock music survived the various stages of recording technology from 78 –rpm to tape format to cassette and the mini disc. Rock music has been primarily popular with the teenage audience. A rock music disc is still a collector’s item even today.

Metal Music

Metal music emerged post World War II. Metal music was described as music that arises from the dissatisfied. Metal music is heavily influenced by the structure of the songs. While in rock music, songwriting is based within a form; in metal music the central melody decides the structure of the song. A scientist has described metal music as ‘information music’.

Rap Music

Rap music is a creation of an American minority. It was widely believed the rap music, as a fad will not see the test of time…. But it has already been around for nearly 20 years. Rap music can be traced to the West African professional singers and storytellers. Rap music was an offshoot of the Hip Hop culture – characterized by graffiti and break dancing. Rap music has been influenced considerably by Jamaican music. The Bronx in New York City was the originating hub of rap music.

Wedding Music

If you are seeking wedding music to plan for your special day, you can choose from a variety of options. You can hire a DJ to liven up the mood on the dance floor with suitable wedding music. Wedding music can be classical and traditional. Some would prefer country melodies for wedding music. Wedding music can also vary from culture to culture. Dance music at a wedding can range from classical ballroom style to pop music to even the Brazilian Salsa.

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