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Character Reference Letter

A character reference is a formal recommendation by a former employer to a potential future employer describing the person's qualifications and dependability. In today's competitive job market, a potential employer will check your character and job reference from your former employer. Your resume and credentials may get you closer to an interview but more often than not a good character reference can secure the job for you. A character reference will have a bearing on your credentials, qualities and work ethic.

Character reference letter writing would involve a discussion on the person's strength and weaknesses. Take a character reference sample for an executive level interview. Character reference writing here would involve touching upon the leadership, communication and managerial skills of the person. When undertaking character reference letter writing, never include negative criticism or defamatory comments that would constitute libel. It is better to approach character reference writing positively - mention the good qualities of the person. A character reference sample letter should be recently dated and professionally presented. Remember that the overall quality of the character reference sample reflects on the person whom it refers to.

A character reference sample template should contain the addressee's name and address. Confirm details like dates and job titles and salary before you begin character reference letter writing. Use your discretion as to how much praise and positive information you need to include in a character reference letter-writing sample.

Employment Reference

Prospective employers who are besieged with thousands of resumes routinely check job reference details. Checking the job reference is one of the ways of verifying your experience and skills. Some employers follow the policy of avoiding job reference questions about their ex-employees. This can be very disappointing to an employee who is looking for a favorable job reference letter.

Employment reference firms provide job seekers with professional and confidential references from former employers. An employment reference check is crucial in the selection process. More companies than ever are now checking employment reference before finalizing hiring decisions.

Resume Reference

Using the right words while drafting your resume helps to highlight your fine points and accomplishments in order to increase the likelihood of your resume being selected. Create your resume with ideal reference, as it would go a long way in clinching the job for you. A good resume reference is one whom you know for at least a couple of years. Former colleagues, customers or even professors are ideal for a resume reference. Remember that your resume reference might be contacted for feedback on your work and educational skills. Some organizations look at driving license records and credit card records as resume reference.

An employer looks into the following particulars before he recruits his candidate, details such as, specific job skills, knowledge base, leadership qualities, decision making skills, team spirit, ability to act under stressful situations, ability to interact with people, time management skills, reasons for separations, etc., before he hires his employee. Your employment reference letter is considered as a reliable source through which such information is sought.

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