Shooting Game - Trap Shooting - Skeet Shooting

Shooting Game
Know about the various types in shooting game. Few tips are provided to improve your long range shooting and indoor shooting range.

The shooting games were originally meant for the hunters to develop their skills. These shooting games have obtained international recognition and they are encouraged by the sports' associations. A great deal of co-ordination and discipline is needed for shooting. Shooting sports improves the confidence of the physically deprived people. The shooting game tests a player's skill in marksmanship and strategy. The rifle should be serviced regularly and the players should be thorough about the mechanical handling characteristics of the gun. Shooting sports like target shooting, skeet shooting, trap shooting and long range shooting requires a lot of practice. Pool shooting is a relaxing game and it could be fun when there is intense competition.

Safety Rules

The following safety rules have to be followed in target shooting:

  • The muzzle of the gun should be monitored all the time. It should be ensured that the muzzle of the gun does not point at the fellow shooters or the guide.
  • The gun should be loaded by the players only when it is their turn to shoot.
  • The players should not only be sure of the target but also what is beyond it.
  • It should be ensured that the barrel is clear of obstructions before shooting.
  • Shooting glasses are essential for the players as they are exposed to the risk of target fragments falling on them.
  • The players are also advised to use ear plugs in order to safeguard themselves against the loud noise.
  • The gun should be returned to the vehicle when the players visit colleagues in the range.

Trap Shooting

Trap shooting is a game where a flying clay target is fired at with a shot gun. It is similar to golf except for the fact that a shotgun is used here instead of a club. Trap is considered to be an exciting and a challenging game. Trap shooting game is still considered to be a hidden sport though many people compete in trap sporting events. The myth that shooting trap only caters to the rich is being slowly expelled as ordinary people have also shown an interest in these games.

The three popular trap events are the singles, the handicaps and the doubles. The single event takes place when a single bird is shot at a close distance. Handicaps is shot at various distances depending on a person's ability. Two birds are launched simultaneously in the case of doubles. Doubles are enjoyable. The players have to hold two shells if they are shooting doubles.

Trap shooting is almost similar to rifle shooting with a shot gun. Proper gun fit is indeed very essential for trap. It is essential to identify the angle of the target and the gun should be exactly pointed at the place where the eyes are set. The gun should be raised to the level of the face and the shoulder to see if it fits. The Olympic trap has a different set of rules and layout so as to make the game more challenging. Trap shooting is widely recognized as a money spinning game though many shooters are interested in having some fun.

Skeet Shooting

The objective of skeet shooting is to shoot as many clay targets as possible with the minimum number of shots. The clay pigeons emerge from the trap as the shooter aims for them. The targets fly at 40 miles per hour in the case of skeet shooting. Skeet has a high house and a low house with traps inside. The field has seven stations arranged in a half circle and the eight station is positioned between the two houses. A squad comprises five shooters and a shooter first fires from one station before moving to the other station. A 12 gauge or a 20 gauge shot gun is recommended for the skeet shooting sport. The double-barrel and a single-barrel semi-automatic are the two most commonly used shot guns. Each shooter fires 8 different shots from their various positions on the skeet range. If 24 birds are successfully hit, the last shot would come from the middle position. The target for the last shot would come from the low house and it is considered very difficult to complete a perfect round.

This game is similar to trap. This game was developed and popularized by the trap shooters who desired a challenging game. Skeet shooting requires a shotgun which is capable of firing two shots very quickly. Shooters always opt for a double barreled shotgun while playing sleet. Skeet does not need any athletic finesse.

Long Range Shooting

Long range shooting requires a great deal of technical expertise. A good equipment is necessary for long-range shooting. Rifles with high velocity and match grade barrels are needed for long range shooting. The shooters have to decide if they are willing to use muzzle brakes. Muzzle brakes affect accuracy and they require ear protection. The shooters also require hand loads to get adequate long range accuracy.

Practice enables the shooter to get accuracy at long distances. The range finder is an essential equipment for long range shooting. The optical range finders are no longer available in the market. They are heavy to use. A quality bullet is necessary for long range shooting. The bullets should have high ballistic coefficient with a high velocity. A long range shooter relies on his optical equipment in order to place his target. The optical equipment also helps in determining the distance of the target. Spotting scopes and binoculars help a great deal in locating the target. The laser range finders assist in determining the distance of the target. The laser range finders enables the shooters to maintain a consistency. The rifle scope is utilized for precise shot placement. It should be remembered that the computer trajectory shots do not exactly provide accurate information. The shooters should be aware of the limitations of their rifles and ammunitions before attempting long range shooting.

USA Shooting (School Shooting, High School Shooting, Shooting Gun)

USA sports is a national sporting organization that is responsible for selecting and training the shooting teams that represent U.S. in the Olympics, world shooting championships and the Pan American games. The USA shooting is also responsible for the management and the development of the regional, state and national level shooting championships. It has its' headquarters in Colorado springs. Many school students are also willing to relocate to Colorado to get trained in one of the best shooting facilities in the world. This national organization has also undertaken a commitment to train all the shooters regardless of their skill levels.

School shooting game helps in improving the competitiveness of the students. It also assists the students in striving for scholarship funds and earn national recognition. The US shooting organization has been encouraging the students from the age 14-20 to take part in various shooting activities. The US shooting organization has also set up a selection committee in identifying the students who have a high level of motivation and talent. USA shooting also helps in training students for the Olympic training camp. The high school students have also shown a remarkable interest in developing their sporting skills. Shooting sports could also entertain students in their summer holidays.

It is necessary to apply the mind before selecting a shooting gun. The limitations of the shooting gun and the regulations in the areas where they are used are the factors to be considered before making a selection. The gun should be in good repair and a certain level of cleanliness should be maintained while using it. The chamber of the rifle should be cleaned after a couple of shots to maintain accuracy. The pistol barrel should be kept away from obstructions as it has a bearing on the direction of a shot.

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