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Free Ware Computer Games

Computer Games are played as much for fun as for releasing tension in these troubled times, which probably explains the popularity of the shooting games. Computer games transcend age, gender and class barriers – the average age of a typical game can be anywhere between 7 and 70. One notable feature of a computer game is the development of hand-eye co-ordination and dexterity in the players. On the flip side, many addicted young players appear confused at the fading thin line separating reality from the world of imagination you can find freeware for the games online.

Computer Games Software

Computer Games Software is a big industry grossing more revenue than the movie industry. Games and Films make good partners in capitalizing on the huge investments made by the moviemaker. First person shooterFirst person shooter (FPS) games are a popular genre among computer games. Operations or America’s Army is a free FPS game that was published by the U.S. Army. As can be expected from its stable, this game is highly complex and expects the highest hardware specifications to play. A sample of the recommended requirements to play this game under Windows: 3D Graphics card with 128 MB Memory, 2 GHz Processor and 512 MB system memory.

Quake from Id software brings you 3D action at its bloodiest. The Quake series pioneered FPS games online. Using advanced technology to depict horrifying and nightmarish scenes, the player is surrounded by deadly foes that require quick gut reaction. The advent of Quake was seminal in that it spurred on technology relating to 3D rendering and egged on Hardware Graphics card manufacturers to showcase the capabilities of their advanced chipsets - using Quake. It also pioneered 3dimensional models for the players and the vile opponents in a 3 dimensional world unlike the earlier primitive 2 dimensional sprites.

Further, Quake used a client/server concept to play against opponents connected through the Internet – if required. What has started the cult of the FPS games in Doom – again by the Id software, spread widely across the globe, resulted in modifications to the basic Quake engine – popularly called as mods.

Flush with the success of the Quake, Id released Quake II, Quake III and recently Quake IV. OpenGL extensions offer new capabilities to control point size on a dynamic basis, which translates to better memory usage and extends explicit control over per-vertex parameters such as the specular color and fog coordinate in the world rendered.

Often many of the recent games push the graphics capability of your computer to their limits. Quake III is often used as part of a benchmarking test for graphics card and the performance of the AGP cards are often quoted based on the frames per second (fps) effectively rendered by the Quake engine.

Wolfenstein Universe is a situational game set in the World War II period that envelops the player with the story-driven action. The cinematic effects bring alive the era of the Third Reich. Enemy Territory is also built around the Quake 3 Arena engine. Characterized by mounted machine guns that players can use and repair, this game uses the experience system. Higher levels of skill and better equipment entitle you to higher positions of play.

Another popular range of software games with intense story line and good music is the Myst series of games. Finding the links to the three worlds set up by Atrus and piecing them together forms the core of this game. Accompanied by attractive 3D graphics and puzzles, the player needs to be patient and observant.

Chess is yet another popular software game. You can pit your skills against the computer in varying skill levels. Software chess game has an easy- to- use interface and a World Champion chess engine. A chess engine of a software game is a set of programs against which you can pit your skills. The Deep Blue of IBM is a classic example. Software chess game offers interactive tutorials to teach, evaluate and keep score.

Scrabble is also available as a software game. Challenge yourself with this software game as you work your way through the words and puzzles. Board games such as Checkers, Monopoly, Scrabble, Terrace and Food Chain have also been replicated as computer games. Software adventure game can range from Harry Potter to Indiana Jones. There is no dearth of software game titles for the little ones too -- Pokemon, Spacekids, Spacestation, Nintendo and Lego Island.

Card Game Software

An important game software component is card games. Card game software can range from poker, rummy and solitaire to Bridge, Spades and FreeCell. Card game software for Bridge and other games provides tutorial lessons for beginners and advanced level players. Card game software takes you from basic rules to even intermediate levels of play. Features of card game software:

  • Millions of random deals
  • Help screens
  • Regular play and teaching mode play
  • Different practice hands to teach various elements of card play
  • Players’ options
  • Customize card sets, decks and backgrounds

Card game software also comes with the provision to change the rules of games. You can change the backgrounds using customized image files of card game software. Card game software provides you with graphs and tables to estimate your skill level and statistics.

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