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Find information on the latest advances in technology which helps you stay on the cutting edge with the latest trends.

Technology articles provide information on technological achievements. Online technology articles enjoy a wide coverage. These articles encourage people to adopt new technology. But, they also caution people about the disadvantages of some technologies. Technology reviews enable comparison of various companies. Thus, people are able to make an objective analysis. The online technology articles speak about the benefits of technology transfer. Technology transfer benefits universities as well as companies. Reviews may have outdated information. But, technology news provides the latest information.

Technology Article

Technology news and articles dominate newspapers and magazines. Internet is also an effective medium that imparts news on technology. There are many online articles on technology. These online articles have a tremendous reach. They create a good impression on people. Technology articles contribute towards improvement in education and learning. Technology news benefits:

Web, graphic and computer professionals
Students seeking a career in technology

Technology news provides latest innovations in the field of technology. Technology reviews present information on various innovators. Technology magazines also concentrate on case studies and research. Case studies enable a better understanding of technological aspects. News offers information on the various government policies and their impact on technology.

Technology reviews and news magazines provide information on:

  • Innovative projects and applications
  • Review papers
  • Opinions
  • Current issues

Technology Transfer

Technology transfer refers to the process of transferring scientific findings to the commercial sector. It satisfies public and private needs. The following are the methods of technology transfer:

  • Joint ventures
  • Technical cooperation
  • License agreements

The following are the benefits of technology transfers:

  • Less expensive than R&D
  • Technical assistance from licensor
  • Needs lesser time to market

Transfer of technology involves external acquisition of technology. So, it does not require R&D. Technology transfer consultants determine the technological needs of a company. Consultants also search for partners. Partners satisfy the technological needs of the collaborating company. Consultants help companies in the negotiation process. Negotiation involves intellectual property rights and innovation financing. Technology transfers have also made an impact in universities. Universities strike up partnership with private enterprises. Universities provide transfer of information to the private entities and gain valuable financial resources. Developed countries provide technological expertise to the developing countries. Thus, technology transfer stimulates economic growth. Developing countries lack an effective institutional framework. An effective institutional framework facilitates the transfer of technology from universities to private entities.

Health Care Information Technology

Health care technology involves the use of information technology in health care. It benefits the private and the public health care organizations. It involves the use of devices and drugs to diagnose and treat diseases. This technology helps to optimize material management system.

Benefits of health care information technology:

  • Provides accurate diagnosis
  • Alleviates pain
  • Cures diseases
  • Facilitates rehabilitation
  • Lengthens survival
  • Reduces costs and
  • Ensures better availability of materials

Health care information technology reduces the purchase order processing time. It also simplifies the inventory management process. It integrates financial resources, human resources and clinical systems. Health information technology helps in increasing the accuracy of data. Many health care organizations make use of a portal interface. The portal interface provides access to clinical and non-clinical systems.

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