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Decoración De la Recepción De la Boda - Decoración De la Flor

Wedding Reception Decoration

Wedding reception is probably the grandest event in anyone's lifetime. It is equally the most significant event in which the most number of guests are invited in any typical family event.

A wedding reception takes time, sizeable resources as well as significant efforts to organize and plan. Wedding Reception decoration calls for meticulous planning in greater detail. Lightings, flowers, furniture arrangements, food planning require careful planning and meticulous consideration. Before you begin your wedding arrangements, set your budget. It is essential to stick on with the predetermined budget levels, as things can quickly get out of hand. Simple yet stylish approaches are sufficient to give your reception decoration the romantic aura that is desired. Here is an article that provides information on the various aspects involved with reception decoration. Find out how flower decorations can be used to best advantage at your reception venue. Pick up a few decoration tips along the way.

Reception Decoration Idea

The reception location, place setting, space, physical comfort, catering, music, dancing, table setting and light settings are basic elements of reception planning. Careful attention needs to be directed towards the lighting arrangements. Appropriately selected reception light fittings help to enhance the brilliance and add to the romantic atmosphere of your reception arrangements. Some attractive options for light fittings are overhead lighting, colored lighting, light image projected on dance floors, spotlights, twinkling light, moonlight, sunsets, paper lanterns, torches and candles. Opt for an arrangement that harmonizes with your entire settings. Consider using draped fabrics made from wide satins, delicate organza and grosgrains. Fountains, balloons, potted trees and shrubberies can be used as effective reception decorations.

Wedding Reception Decoration
Reception Decoration Idea
Reception Decoration

Candle Decoration

Candles are an integral part of any reception decoration. They help to add to the brilliance of your reception settings. Simple tea lights and votive candles improve the warmth and radiance of the atmosphere. Off white and white candles can offset any type of decor. You can also pick color candles that complement your wedding colors and settings. Hurricane lanterns and candles are attractive additions. These are priced higher than votive candles but are worth the value that is paid. Glass votives for floating candles are a pleasant way of enhancing the charm of your reception settings. Glass votives are available in different sizes depending on your decoration settings and monetary limits. You can also amplify your light settings by placing candles on flat mirrors. The mirrors help to reflect the light and bathe the room in a brilliant glow. Scented candles create the right atmosphere for most of the occasions.

Candle Decoration
Reception Candle Decoration
Flower Decoration - Bridal Bouquet

Flower Decoration

The flower decoration is an indispensable element of every reception decoration. Floral designs may comprise matching shades or breathtaking contrasts; they may consist of a few big arrangements or many small arrangements. Decide on flower arrangements that complement your wedding settings. Creativity and artistic talents will determine the appropriateness and beauty of your floral pattern. Consider a large arch of flowers, strewn rose petals or centerpieces -- each one is an attractive option depending on your personal preferences. Color schemes are important while selecting flowers. Select combinations that appeal to you as well as harmonize with the entire setting. Accommodate seasonal as well as local flowers into your floral arrangements. Locally available flowers come cheap and fresh and are easily available. Orange blossoms, lavender, orchids, sunflowers and tulips are a few attractive options. During summer, it is wise to opt for sunflowers, zinnias, dahlias, lilies and hydrangeas.

Bouquets are flower decorations that are designed to highlight the bride’s persona. Choose the color combination that complements the bride’s personality. It is essential to design a bouquet after considering factors such as the individual skin tone, facial appearance, body proportion and attire. Here are some popular flower decorations that are used:

  • Boutonnieres are flower decorations that are worn by grooms, attendants, ushers or bride or groom’s fathers. They may be made of a single bud or several small buds attached together and are worn on the left lapel of the jacket.
  • Candelabra may be made with flowing greens or ribbons depending on individual preferences and are placed at the base, neck or top of multi-armed candelabra.
  • Corsages are either a single bloom or a small cluster of blooms that come in a variety of models such as pin-on, wrist and hand-held styles.
  • Wreaths are rings of flowers that are used as centerpieces, headpieces or door hangers.

Before starting off with your floral decorations, request sketches or sample arrangements from your florist as it gives you a better perspective and also helps you make the required alterations. Listed below are certain factors that influence your wedding flower decoration:

  • Choose the right color combination that matches the entire wedding decoration and setting.
  • Decide on the size, shape and color for the different flower arrangements.
  • Magazines and photo clippings can give you an improved idea on the different varieties, options and choices available for your flower arrangements. Exquisite dried flower and silk flower arrangements are available.
  • Color blocking using flowers is one way of enhancing your wedding decoration. Design your table arrangements such that they block on a particular color for your reception settings. Alternatively block on complementing colors in order to obtain a refined and uniform appearance.
  • Factors like, time of the day, location atmosphere, season, etc. will influence the kind of decoration that you choose.

Flower Decoration
Wedding Flower Decoration
Flower Decoration Bouquet

Flower Decoration Prices

Given below is a broad outline of the price range for flower decoration arrangements. Prices for flower decorations are to a great extent influenced by individual locations and vary according to region
  • Bridal bouquet – $125 and above.
  • Maid of honor and bridesmaid bouquets - $50 and above.
  • Groom, Best man, Ushers, Fathers and Grandfathers Boutonnieres - $5 - $10 and above.
  • Mother’s and Grandmother’s Corsages - $5 - $25 and above.
  • Ceremony venue decoration flowers - $100 - $500 and above, per arrangement.
  • Petal basket for Flower girls - $40 and above.
  • Reception table Centerpieces - $75 and above.
  • Individual place settings, doorway arrangements and other reception flowers - $35 - $50 and above.
  • Flower arch - $350 - $3,000 and above.
  • Bride and/or bridesmaid’s hair floral wreaths - $35 - $100.
  • Rose petals for tossing - $10 per bag.
  • Tossing Bouquet - $30 and above.
  • Row decorations and other extras - $15 - $50 and above.

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